Happy Haircuts Hints

1. Always bring an extra shirt to avoid ichy clothing on skin after haircut.

2. Watch haircutting videos with your child before first visit to help prepare them.

3. Avoid using words like cut and scissors which are scary to kids.

4. Introduce experience by using words like fun hair, pretty hair, cool hairstyle. Ex: "Let's go make your hair look cool." 

5. Allow child to become familiar with things touching his hair such as a comb or brush. Use your fingers to simulate scissors and demonstrate what will happen.

6. Bring child's favorite toy or book to use as distractions. We provide bubbles, small toys, kid's tv shows and great car styling chairs!

7. Whenever possible, allow yourself an extra 5 minutes after the haircut and let your little one play in our play area. Haircuts can be hard for some children, but playing afterwards will store a positive memory to the experience which parents can help them recall prior to their next visit. 

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